Remembering Alexi DeRochambeau

I got word today that long time BMX friend Alexi DeRochambeau passed away Saturday. This news sent chills up my spine! The kid was so young..WHY?!?!? I have so many amazing memories of hanging out at Alexi's old shops Broken Spoke Bike Shop and Dying Trends, both in Westerly, RI. Alexi was a great guy and we had a lot of fun at the White Rock Park back in the day. I could never forget all the hell raising we did at the FBM Ghetto Street Comp in 2003! When TYRANT got up and running in 2002 Alexi didn't hesitate to fill his shop with shirts, hoodies, hats, and those OG bar ends we made. He supported the hell out of TYRANT! Rest in peace friend, you'll be greatly missed but NEVER forgotten!

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