8 Years of Fun!

So I totally overlooked the fact that last month marked 8 years of TYRANT. It's very apparent that the TYRANT BIKE CO. started in 2002 has evolved from a very small company into a crew of friends and riding buddies having fun on 2 wheels. I've been brainstorming a lot lately, have some cool new ideas, but I'm not rushing into anything. This year also marked my 30th b-day...and I'm taking care of stuff in the "real world"...looking forward to bigger and better things. To everyone that rocked a pair of TYRANT bar ends...bought a tee or trucker cap...or stuck a sticker on their bike, thanks for the support! Here's to another 8 years of wreaking havoc and having fun!

With that said, I found 20 of the old 2006 bumper stickers stashed away in the basement yesterday. Sure, doesn't exist anymore, but just black that part out!
Contact me if you want one.

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