End of an Era

Over the past few weeks a few local riding spots have bitten the dust...

After 5 years of madness and mayhem the "Whipple Basement" is no longer. The ramps have been disassembled, but the memories will always remain! Dean was kind enough to offer me the ramps and I'm doing everything in my power to get them rebuilt somewhere where they'll be well used and well loved. Long live the Whipple Basement...I think we all suffered a concussion there!

The "K-Mart Rail" in Cromwell was removed last month. Nobody understood why there was a 2' high rail down a handicap ramp, but we all loved it none the less! I'm pretty sure the K-Mart rail has been there all my life...and it was the first handrail I ever did on my bike. RIP!

Photo by Lolli

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Craig said...

Me too for the hand rail. Dammit that sucks!