Dome Protection

My birthday is the 20th and I got an early gift today, the Bern Watts 8-Track equipped helmet. This helmet is a rad baseball cap style and this model has a winter liner equipped with built-in headphones. So dope! This is my new lid for skiing, riding, extreme sledding, etc. HA! I typically don't listen to music while I ride but this helmet retails for $100 and was on sale for the same price as the non-audio equipped one. No brainer dude, get the nicer model!!! The goggle strap is removable and the helmet also comes with a Spring/Summer liner to keep your dome cool. NIIIIICE!

UPDATE: Damn, all along I thought I got the Baker helmet and its really the Watts. The Baker has no vents, the Watts has top and rear vents to let out the heat! So hott!


Anonymous said...

It is a "Hardhat". Legally they can't call it a helmet. said...

Not the one I got, there are 2 styles. The "Hardhat" is just soft foam inside, and it isn't a certified helmet. I got the one with the EPS hard foam in it and its certified just like any other cycling helmet. Lolli brought that to my attention the day I got it.