Man Down!

I'd like to send a sincere get well out to Peter Krol who is laid up in a New York City Hospital with a serious head injury. Pete was warming up for the Hustle & Flow contest Saturday with Team Ghostship at the High Bridge Trails in Manhatten when he went head first into the lander of a dirt jump knocking himself out cold. From what I was told Pete's helmet was cracked in 2 spots, his glasses were broken into 3 pieces, he is covered in road rash style scrapes, and suffered a serious concussion. EMT's took Pete by ambulance to the hospital where he underwent a CAT scan and MRI which revealed his brain was bleeding and swollen. This is a no joke matter and I totally feel for Pete cause my crash back in 2005 was just about identical...except Pete's lucky to have his teeth! It's always tough to hear about another rider getting severely hurt and even tougher in this case cause Pete is the funniest, nicest kid around. Get well P. Krol!

Pete getting rad at M-Town banks back in '06

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