Grand Theft Velo II

Grab your bike and get down to New Haven Saturday night for the most kick a$$ race of the year! TYRANT is one of the race sponsors as well as Death to Dopers, one of our other ventures. I'll be up in Boston this weekend for the Local Exposure Tour and some Red Sox games, so I need somebody to head down and rep TYRANT at the race. Word is that one of the prizes is a FREE knuckle tattoo from Eric Merrill, of of the nastiest tattoo artists in the country...and a fierce road cyclist! I dare somebody to win that prize and get "TYR" and "ANT" tattooed on their knucles! TYRANT!

Props to Drew for getting this whole thing organized and giving me the opportunity to be a race sponsor.

1 comment:

Nathan Black said...

Man, let me know who wins that!

I'd love to get that set of knuckle tattoos for my collection...