So tonight I crashed really hard on the road bike! My right knee is raw meat, I bent my bars an inch, my back wheel is tweaked, and my ego is bruised! Luckily it was my Lemond, not the new Duratank. I biffed it off a curb going about 30 mph and went straight over the bars to my right knee/side/head, NO FUN! Some lady parked near by bolted out of her car and the first words out of her mouth were, "I can't believe you are conscious!" Then she asked if I needed medical attention. I guess I took it hard? A quick phone call to Tina to come save my haggerd a$$ was all I needed. Anyway, crashes are a drag! I hate being sore...I hate a busted bike...but I guess that's why we all do it! To heal up, fix our bikes, and keep on riding..cause we love it! Crash and burn!


skullhead said... photos? You must have been dreaming about vegan Easter eggs...Just kidding! Good to hear that you're ok! Heal up quick!

Anonymous said...

identity tattoo hopes you didn't ruin your purdy face. rock the trike for a while. see you soon.