Weekend Getaway

So T and I headed up to the Providence area for the weekend to get away from CT for a change. Saturday we stopped in Circuit BMX to say hello to Vic and check out his amazing selection on rad stuff. Be sure to get up to Circuit next weekend for the moving sale! This morning we rode Skaters Edge in Taunton, Mass. We met up with Ben Church, a Bristol, CT rider, who came up from Roger Williams where he goes to shool. It was nice to ride Edge, I haven't been there in years! Don't get me wrong, I love the Haven Skatepark, but we ride it so much its cool to check out a new place. Skaters Edge is a funky park, the trannies are so mellow!!! I felt like I didn't know how to ride ramp...Oh well, we had fun none the less. Check out some photos of some local shredders I shot at TYRANT's Flickr. My flash was dying due to lousy batteries so nothing really came out too great. Maybe next time?

Ben Church slant wallride to bar spin

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