Toboggan Race Report

So the TYRANT TOBOGGAN TEAM placed 77th out of about 150 sleds at the Toboggan National Championships in Camden, Maine this past weekend. A bit disappointing, but we had fun. This was our 3rd year participating and sadly our slowest :( Next year we're getting together an all-star squad, building a new sled, and we're renting a vendor parking spot on the mountain to set up a TYRANT tent. Gotta' love the white trash winter olympics...that have nothing to do with bicycles!

NEW on 2/12: NICE! We made the newspaper in Maine, check it out HERE. Ryan registered our team so he gets all the glory :)

Thanks to Tina McCurdy for the photo, Shawn Hebrank for the skull drawing, and Matt Lolli for the tyrant text.


shawn hebrank said...

if you don't place better next year, matt and i will sponsor some other sled team with our art and text.
get training.
ps: is it just based on pure weight? shouldn't you be "training" by eating like a pig? said...

I'm sure weight has a little to do with it, but not really. The girls team was only 8 spots behind us and they were almost 200 lbs less than us!!!