Bike vs. Car

So Craig Samuels was nearly killed by a car a couple days ago out in San Fran. This is what Craig had to say after I sent him a message that said "riding your fixed gear without a helmet?":

"Correct, fixed and no helmet, my hat is ok though, haha. Here is a crude writeup on what happened: Got hit on The Wiggle (SF bike route). Guy turned in front of me, I hit his front driver side, my bike stayed there and I flew over his hood and onto the sidewalk. Luckily my face/head broke my fall. It made the most grossest crunching noise. I didn't get light headed or pass out or anything so I don't think I have a concussion. We settled it there, I got his business card and enough money for a new front wheel. He was super cool about it and very concerned. I decided to take a cab home instead of to the hospital cause I didn't want the expense. My friend Chris and I cleaned it up and as of now it looks ok."

Burly! Glad to hear Craig is alive and well! There is a TYRANT care package in the mail dude! and yeah, be sure to wear your damn helmet!

Real men wear Barbie bandaids!

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