R.I.P. Chicopee Ramp Farm

It was brought to my attention by Vic at Circuit BMX that Ramp Farm/The Mass. Warehouse (however you know it) has been torn down and is being moved to a new location. I was literally stunned as I read Vic's post and my stomach sunk seeing the photo below. I heard the warehouse was closing but I didn't think moving day would be so soon! It seems like yesterday that MSC closed and Crabb and I were helping move ramps to the Chicopee location. I was paying rent for sometime when Burger, Peter, and Greg first opened the doors to Ramp Farm, but sadly over the past few years my work schedule has become hectic and my visits to Ramp Farm were limited to once every few months or so. Props to all the guys that contributed to making the Chicopee Warehouse a major success and an awesome place to ride/hang out. I have so many photos, so much video footage and so many great memories of that place. One can only hope that the new Ramp Farm is equally as amazing!

R.I.P. Ramp Farm / The Chicopee Warehouse

Photo courtesy of Circuit BMX

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