Interbike is winding down...

So there is 3 hours left to Interbike 2006 and I have to admit I'm pretty shot! Its been a week of long days at the show, miles upon miles of walking, and even longer crazy nights. On average I only slept 3-5 hours each night....not healthy! Anyway, tons more cool stuff at the show today.

We The People has a rad new textured paint finish that they are using on their 2007 frames. Check it out for sure! We'll be getting some in at Pedal Power when they become available.

Chrome has the sickest bags out there! As usual they came to Interbike with tons of merchandise to sell and they are basically sold out. I added one of their laptop bags and a laptop sleeve to my collection.

Hincapie has an awesome custom jersey program and we'll be going through them for the CCNS/Pedal Power Team jersey's in the near future. I checked out the product and the material is super nice and their cycling caps are second to none. Breathable 4 panel designs that are comfortable and stylish.

So thats it from Interbike 2006. I know my updates have been pretty lame, but there is too much going on here and I am so overwhlemed with information/product. We fly out on the "red eye" back to good old CT at 11:30 tonight for a 7:30 am arrival at Bradley. Vegas is one hell of a good time, but 4 days is enough for me!!! I'm shot!

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