Finally Riding Willi!

After months of waiting we finally got some riding in at Willimantic....thought it didn't come without some work! Bry and I hit up the park Thursday morning and it was pretty wet. We swept the place for a solid hour until it was rideable. We got a pretty solid session in before the place got too crowded and we hit the road. Thursday night it rained like hell, but Friday morning Steve and I went back with a broom and leaf blower to conquer the water. We spent an hour and a half or so drying the place out before getting on the bikes. Friday ended up being a great session. We had the place to ourselves for 2 hours before 5 others showed up. It stayed that dead until we were beat and took off around 2. The park is really good, all kinds of lines. This is def the new "go to" park!

Willimantic Photos: CLICK HERE

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Derek said...

dude i wanna ride that thing