Green light...GO!

I got the green light to start riding again today! It's been a long, lazy, painful 5 months since I destroyed my thumb and had surgery...but the wait is over! The doc took his last set of x-rays today and they showed my thumb is fully healed. The 2 screws are fused into place and the breaks I had are healed rock solid. I'm so grateful to have full range of motion and about 75% of my strength back. Still gotta work on building the strength up to get back to 100%. No rest for the wicked...I got right back on the bike tonight and got some easy riding in on the basement ramps :)

I have to send a huge thank you out to my long time friend Erik and Dr. Joyce for taking care of me in the blink of an eye when I initially got hurt. I was checked out by the doc. and under the knife 4 days after my crash...that is UNHEARD OF! People wait weeks and/or months to get into surgery. I also have to send a huge thanks to my physical therapist Karen for helping me get the majority of my strength back. THANK YOU ALL! I could never express how much I appreciate all your help!

I'd like to send a "thanks for nothing!" out to the Middlesex Hosptial ER who told me I only had sprained thumb when I went in right after my crash. Sprained thumb, eh? I wish that's all it was. Thanks for being completely wrong!..and thanks for charging me a $150 co-pay for your misdiagnosis!

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