JAM recap

So the "OH DAMN" jam looked to be a rain out at 9:30 yesterday morning when we were loading the ramps and rail into the truck. The ground was soaked and showers were passing every 10 minutes or so. None the less we headed to the park, tarped the truck to keep stuff dry and set up the tables and tent hoping we could scare off the rains. Sure enough, an hour later the park was drying up, the sun was out and riders starting pulling in by the car load. Some of the highlights of the day were the Bresnahan and Bradley boys all the way from New Hamshire coming to the jam (thanks to their folks for driving them!), John Bucklers 540 hurricane on the sub-box and "Fakie master" Ians fakie up the quarter to ice pick on the sub box to fakie in. SICK! Jake Lineberry won the bunnyhop contest at 37.5" with Brendan and Ian an inch off the mark. I believe Steve Baklik and one of the Bresnahan boys tied in the long jump. It was insane to watch!!!! All in all it was a great day!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO RIDE AND HANG OUT! ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO DROVE LONG DISTANCES TO DO SO!!! Thanks to Spencer for lending me his truck and tent! Thanks to Scott at Pine Ledge Gardens in Portland for making us the rainbow rail! Thanks to Jason, El, & T fo all their hard work! Schmidt for all his help! and anyone I forgot!!!

An additional thanks to Pedal Power Bike Shop, Cutting Edge, Ghostship Clothing, Animal and Whore Island for their support of the jam!

Jason Patrician shot tons of photos. Also, Patrick Holland shot a ton of photos that can be viewed and purchased on his sight in the coming days.

Check out the few photos I shot along with Jason's at: "OH DAMN" Photos

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Anonymous said...

Hey that turned out to be a great day with a ton of great people. As soon as I get done with sorting the photographs out I'll drop you guys a note.

Great to see everyone and I hope to go or be invited to more events.