2007 "Team Tyrant"

This year I'm looking to really push TYRANT and helping me with that will be "Team TYRANT". This so called "team" isn't a team at all, Team Tyrant just sounds cool :) It's a group of great riders who support the hell out of TYRANT and love riding as much as I do. With that I'd like to give due respect to:

- Brandon "Tiny Tyrant" Begin
- Don Pavelka
- Garrett Pyskaty
- Craig Samuels
- Josh LaRosa
- The East Hampton Bike Crew
- Bryan Arnwine

All these guys will be tearing it up in 2007 and will be having a ton of fun doing it!
Brandon, Don, Garrett and Craig expressed a lot of interest in jumping into the 2007 contest scene so we'll see what comes of that. It looks like this years going to kick a$$!

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