Skaters Edge / 24 Degree Mini Ramp Session

So I met up with the Begins today, "Pops" Steve and "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon, to go session Skaters Edge in Taunton, Mass. The park is really rad and it was a super fun session. Brandon was almost pulling bike flips into the foam pit, he jumped the 6 foot spine (he rides a 16 inch bike!!!!), and pulled a sick fakie wallride to rollout super clean! Steve was pulling some nice wallrides and looked really comfortable on his BMX bike...he turns 40 this year!!!! I was totally stale today, but I guess that's what I get seeing I've only ridden ramp once in the past 3 weeks. When we got back from Taunton we decided to ride Tiny Tyrant's mini ramp for an hour or so. The catch is that it was 24 degrees and blustery out!!!!! I shot some photos, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr All in all we had a fun day and I was stoked to hang out with the Begins...2 of most fun guys to ride with! Thanks for breakfast and the ride to the park guys!

Tiny Tyrant and I at Skaters Edge

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